• Myron L Ultrameter II

    pH, ORP, TDS, Resistivity, Conductivity, Temperature and Calculates Free Chlorine
    Easy to Calibrate
    Advanced Features
    3 solution standards for greatest accuracy in diverse applications
    Fully automatic temperature compensation
    User adjustable temperature compensation (up to 9.99%°C)
    which also allows TC to be disabled for applications requiring non-compensated readings.
    User adjustable conductivity/TDS conversion ratio for greater accuracy when measuring solutions
    not contained in the microprocessor.
    Auto-shut-off maximizes the life of the single 9V battery to more than 100 hours/5000 tests.
    Non-volatile microprocessor provides data back-up, even when the battery is changed.

  • Inline Digital TDS Meter

    Now Check instantly your water purifier water Quality at your own with most reliable inline HM Digital TDS meter
    Displays TDS levels of the Feed Water and Product Water with in & out electrode probes
    Factory calibrated and highly efficient and accurate (±2%)
    due to its advanced microprocessor technology
    Dual Range - Measures from 0 - 999ppm,
    with a resolution of 1ppm. From 1,000 to 9,990ppm,
    the resolution is in 10ppm increments,
    indicated by a blinking x10 image
    Extra large, easy-to-read LCD display in a water resistant casing
    Comes equipped with 1/4 inch
    John Guest Quick-Connect T-fittings as shown
    Uses 2 AAA batteries (included)
    with a battery life of over 1,000 hours of continuous use
    Size: 11.6 x 6.8 x1.8 cm

  • Automatic flushing control

    The purpose of the flush system is to help prevent scaling or fouling of the RO membrane(s) by providing a rapid rinse which washes away impurities and keeps the membrane clean.The auto flush system noticeably increases the service life of the membranes in reverse osmosis systems.
    1. Indicate TDS.
    2. Flush the RO System.
    3. Turn Off RO on low Pressure.
    4. Turn Off RO on High Pressure.
    5.Control RO High Pressure Pump.

  • (pH-mV-Cond-TDS-Salt-Temp) Meter

    Microprocessor based designed.
    Large LCD displays readings and temperature simultaneously.
    Rugged design with waterproof housing. It floats on water.
    Measuring 5 parameters: pH, Conductivity, TDS, Salinity, and temperature by just on combo electrode.
    Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC). °C or °F are switch able.
    Memory function stores and recalls up to 150 points. MAX/MIN and data Lock.
    Simple to calibrate by one keyboard for 5 points buffer.
    Indicate percentage of slope (PTS) after calibration
    Auto power shut off after 10 minutes of non use.
    Easy replaced electrode module.

  • Free and Total Chlorine pH and mV Meter

    Microprocessor based for fast and accurate measurements.
    Large LCD displays pH and Temperature simultaneously.
    EPA approved DPD method.
    Automatic Temperature Compensation (ATC)
    MAX/MIN mode and reading hold function (pH only)
    Low battery alarm and auto shut off after 10 minutes of non use.

    pH electrode
    pH 4 buffer solution 50ml x 1
    pH 7 buffer solution 50ml x 1
    soaking solution 5ml x 1
    FCL Reagent strip x 50 pcs DPD-1
    TCL Reagent strip x 50 pcs DPD-4
    Carrying case
    Optional: ORP electrode

  • Digital TDS Meter

    Check your water Quality at your own with most reliable brand HM Digital TDS meter
    Ideal for commercial use. Includes a carrying case with belt clip.
    Highly efficient and accurate due to its advanced microprocessor technology.
    Hold function saves measurements for convenient reading and recording.
    The meter shuts off automatically after 10 minutes of non-use to conserve batteries.
    Measurement range is
    0-9990 ppm. From 0-999 ppm,
    the resolution is in increments of 1ppm.
    From 1000 to 9990 ppm, the resolution is in increments of
    10ppm, indicated by a blinking ' x10' image.
    Built-in digital thermometer
    Large and easy-to-read LCD screen.
    Calibrated with a 342 ppm NaCl solution.
    Meters can be recalibrated with a mini-screwdriver.

  • TDS D2 Water Quality Monitor

    1. Range and unit: 1-1999us/cm (1-1000PPM)
    2. Probe connector: 1/2 "MALE x 2PCS
    3. Power: 110V/60HZ OR 220V/50HZ
    4. Power line length : 180cm,sensor line : 190cm
    5. Panel Size : L13.4XW3.2XH5.4cm

    1. Measure the dimension 135.5cm W X 65.2cm H and fix the meter penal
    2. Remove the Connector from Probes,
    3. Secure the fitting detection position,
    4. Probe Puts into the fitting, and fix nut,
    Reading interpretation
    Switch 0 : Screen no display
    Switch 1 and 2 : for the first time, turn switch to 1 and get the reading, and then also check Switch 2 reading
    The reading difference 1 and 2 can specify to be raw water or filtered water.