• FRP Vessel

    FRP pressure vessels are composite tanks. A blow moulded seamless liner of non - permeable thermoplastic is over wounded with miles of epoxy reinforced fibre glass laminate for top strength and performance.
    The tanks are used for water softening, filtration and de-ionization. The processes where the tanks are used for reaching from active carbon filtration - iron removal - multimedia filtration - softening - demineralization -portable exchange - special ion exchange processes.
    The used materials and the production process allow an almost unlimited corrosion resistance for the applications in the water treatment as well as for a many diluted chemicals.

    Available brands: Park Tank Belgium-Pentair–Structural-JM

    FRP Vessel Membrane Housing:

    Fibreglass (FRP) Pressure Vessel Membrane Housings are available in pressure range from 300 PSI to 1200 PSI.
    4” and 8” diameters with side and End port options as per requirement of the project.

    Control Valves:

    Clack made in USA automatic Control Valves the world top brand in control valve.
    Automatically/Manually control the backwash and regeneration cycles for media filters and water softeners to keep your water treatment system working at optimal performance all the time.
    Types: * Automatic control valves
    * Manual control valves

    FRP Cluster Filter:

    Multiple Cartridge Housing of different sizes and capacities.
    ● Flange in/outlet available
    ● Housing Material: FRP
    ● Entire set of filter cartridges is removed at one time for cleaning replacement.
    ● Working Temperature: 1~35°C

    Industrial RO Control Panel:

    The Control panel is the main controller of RO System, it controls the working and synchronize all the equipments in Particular sequence to perform the Water purification.