• Commercial Water Filtration Systems

  • Sea Recovery Water Maker

    Ultratec Water Treatment Company Uae Sea Recovery is the right Watermaker and reliably equipped for your boat. With an LCD touch screen acting as first mate, and able to produce 450 - 1,800 GPD this is an ideal design for water recovery direct from the sea.

  • ULT 200 300 400 GPD

    This system is economical and designed for commercial and residential application. Provide safe, pure water. It is suitable for manufacturing, restaurants, Aquariums and food processing industries, shopping centres, schools and hotels.

  • Coway Water Purifier Dispenser

    Special water purifier for you using a lot of water
    High-capacity water tank (21 L) with 14-inch filters for use in an office.
    Full height dispenser to accommodate water bottles.
    The intensive Coiling delivers rich capacity of purified water with up to 24 % more dense coiling

  • Whole House Water Filter made in Italy

    Take a shower or a bath with filtered water that enhances wellness. Made in Italy is this whole-house water filtration system. Chlorine and hundreds of other known harmful substances found in tap water are eliminated or significantly reduced by the system. Your home's water is made cleaner, and many customers have noticed instant benefits in their skin's softness, hair's pliability, and general sense of well-being. Take a look at this whole-house water filter.

  • Electric Free 1000 GPD RO System

    Electric Free Direct Flow in Four Stages The RO water purifier is specifically engineered to operate at room pressure (0.3 MPa) and without the need for electricity. This system stands out for its modest size and compact design. Safe drinking water can be obtained without the need for storage or a pressure tank, which is typically needed with conventional RO systems.