• TDS D2 Water Quality Monitor


    1. Range and unit: 1-1999us/cm (1-1000PPM)
    2. Probe connector: 1/2 "MALE x 2PCS
    3. Power: 110V/60HZ OR 220V/50HZ
    4. Power line length : 180cm,sensor line : 190cm
    5. Panel Size : L13.4XW3.2XH5.4cm

  • Reading interpretation
    Switch 0 : Screen no display Switch 1 and 2 : for the first time, turn switch to 1 and get the reading, and then also check Switch 2 reading The reading difference 1 and 2 can specify to be raw water or filtered water.

    1. Measure the dimension 135.5cm W X 65.2cm H and fix the meter penal
    2. Remove the Connector from Probes,
    3. Secure the fitting detection position,
    4. Probe Puts into the fitting, and fix nut,

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