• Whole House Filtration

  • Whole house inline filtration to remove cholrine , dust, rust, particles. A high quality Activated carbon with NSF and FDA certification is used in this system.

    First Stage PP Sediment Filter
    water flows through a 20" sediment filter cartridge that removes sediment, silt, sand and dirt. Also extends the life of the water filters
    Three-layers structure cartridge, High contaminant holding capacity.
    100% PP Polypropylene for compatibility with a wide range of process fluids.
    5 Micron, Micro-Denier™ melt-blown filtration fiber, high removal ratings.
    Formed by thermal bond without use of any binders and adhesives.
    Maximum Flow Capacity: 20 - 25 GPM
    Maximum Operating Pressure: 125 PSI
    Operating Temperature Range: 40-100°F
    Dimensions: 20 inch x 4.5 inch , I.D. 1-1/8 inch
    Weight: approx 1.9 Lbs each filter

    stage 2 | GAC Carbon Filter
    water flows through granulated activated carbon (GAC). GAC is universally recognized and widely used as an effective adsorbent for a wide variety of organic contaminants, such as chlorine (99.9%), chemicals linked to cancer (THM's, benzine) pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, volatile organic compounds (VOC's), PCB's, MTBE's and hundreds of other chemical contaminants that may be present in water that create bad taste and odors.

    1. GAC 20 inch Coconut shell Carbon Filter // Size 19 7/8 inch x 4.5 inch.
    2. Remove chlorine, bad taste & odor, sediment, dirt, and THMS from water.
    3. 5 Micron nominal filter membrane included to prevent carbon fines to pass from the filter to your drinking water.
    4. Operational Temperature Range: 40°F to 125°F
    5. Low pressure drop across filter stage.

    stage 3 | GAC Carbon Filter
    1. Size 19 7/8 inch x 4.5 inch fits most 20 inch Big Blue housings
    2. 5 Micron nominal filter rating.
    3. Carbon block filters are extremely effective for removing chlorine taste and odors from your drinking water along with sediment removal.
    4. Filter Life: 26000 Gallons @ 7GPM.
    5. Operation Temperature: 40°F to 125°F
    6. Operation pressure 25 to 75 PSI maximum.

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